kaizen for your dreams

change for good.

or good change

what is the proper meaning for the Japanese concept of kaizen?

Is the meaning you want to give yourself as a gift.

this is for you, entrepreneurs:

do what you feel is good for you

or entrepreneurs-to-be

take the jump ! Fear not !

or take a small step if a jump seems too scary

i painted this magnolias after a long visit in the Botanical Garden. There were few magnolias left, as their season was already past. The Peonies will follow and i need to go back to see the yellow one.

So I came back home, chose a few colours i love:  purple, nude-pink  and grey and a biscuit carton box.

And the soon the tip of the brush  touched the paper, the magic began.

From that moment it was like my hand has been always painting.

my eyes were watching in awe the magnolias:

2017-04-09 21.04.02-1

A few days after i painted i sent a picture of the painted paper to a few dear people whose opinion I value for being kind and knowledgeable.

my husband, who loves when i express my self, my daughter Flavia, who is a graphic designer, a close friend who has an impeccable taste for visuals and all beautiful and pure, another friend who is in touch with his emotions and seeks beauty in everything he sees, a wise teacher.

They all said WOW !  what is this ?

i did not tell them what it is or who did it.

Touched my heart that they loved it, without asking questions, without having opinions about what it is, about who created it.

So my learning from this experience that I want to share with you:

to allow myself to express what i feel, when i feel it and let it go into the air.

Since then, i haven’t stop painting things that inspired me, with courage and joy,  staying in the flow.

A few weeks later I found this words in a book I read now :

The elegant state of creation is the one in which you are no thoughts, not your body, no environment, no mind.

You are pure consciousness.

(the book is called ”Breaking the habit of being you by dr Joe Dispenza)

From that state of pure consciousness you can start becoming who you dream of becoming. IF you can recreate that state of being while doing what you love to do then you can achieve your bravest dream.

” What if i have more than one dream? ”

Let’s answer together to this one, please share with me your dreams and start with one minute for each one everyday.



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