A Glam-Rock pair

Andreia Gabriela Popescu  is the rockstar of the Romanian jewelry designers !

She keeps surprising me with her collections every time. The peak of her creativity is my favourite, the Adrenalin collection.

Have a look at this cocktail ring named James Dean created by Andreia last year.

James Dean ring

It turned heads in Vienna and London every time i have worn it. It’s a real traffic stopper 🙂

Andreia came to our office yesterday and I invited her to try our new office chair in glam silver mesh.

Andreia Gabriela Popescu on silver Omega  chair


Below is the silver OMEGA chair, pictured here together with the Penelope,  is beautiful and comfortable, a combination of qualities so difficult to find in one product.

Glam Omega chair and Penelope Lamp

Please take this article as a disguised invitation to the 11th edition of AUTOR, the Contemporary Jewelry event in my home city Bucharest, Romania this weekend 17-18 May.

design by Andreia Popescu


Andreia and the other participants, Romanian and international designers, are waiting for you with new collections this weekend in Bucharest.

Enjoy watching and shopping !


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