cool business advice

Good morning everyone !

I have  just found one of the most common sense piece of advice about starting your own business.

A lucid warning that unless you can live as a JOLLY JOKER (able to handle any situation: technical, people, financial, etc) your business could fail.

1. Managed Hosting Solution 2. Money 3. Reliable employees 4. Physical Necessities 5. Support team

After 11 years of entrepreneurship here is my list:

1. Personal support network (partner, family, friends, spiritual and/or psychotherapyst, sport) to take care of your TRIADE: Body, mind & soul.

2. The ability to design a decent business proposition for your desired clients

3. Money

4. The ability to find reliable suppliers for services (legal, technical, accounting & tax, banking)

5. The ability to recruit people

The term ”reliable employees” mentioned in the American article gives me shivers.

What is ”reliable” ?

People change,  they fall in love, they make babies, they dream of having their own business.

To summarize:  people navigate their own life. Is this unreliability ? I dont think so.

At the same time, we, the entrepreneurs, navigate our own life.

I keep hearing my former boss, Jana Martin, words: ”Allow me the right to be human”. She gave me those words at a moment when I considered her irrational. But, i understood much later, she was just tired and stressed. And pregnant with Hedwika, her third child.

Yes, we, your bosses, get tired & stressed as you do.

So, to protect yourself as an entrepreneur, you need the ability to recruit for your team the people you need now.

Once you find them, trust them and enjoy their company during their time with you.

I discovered it is not realistic to expect safety or predictibility in keeping a team.

To end this post on an optimistic tone, let’s enjoy the ride of each and  every entrepreneurial activity together !


and look into the future with open and relaxed eyes, as i was looking here, wearing my Boss business suit with  my handcrafted jewellery bought from a goldsmith in Bodrum. The bricks in the background belong to the wall of the Anglican Church in Bucharest.



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