Travelling in style with Catalina Rusu

Acum 2 luni am aflat de la Catalina ca urma sa plece la Londra intr-o calatorie de business si  am rugat-o sa scrie cum isi pregateste bagajul.

Amindoua stiam bine ca a-ti face bagajul pentru  Londra e o tema grea. Ca dovada, am primit articolul abia acum 2 zile 🙂

Ea sustine ca a scris chiar in avion in drum spre Londra, hai sa citim repede si sa ne pregatim pentru urmatoarea calatorie:

A guide to packing or how to make sure that the beauty of traveling remains beautiful

After 15 years of constantly traveling roughly every three or four months, not only did I know the expression “travel light”, but I also felt it to my bones… and muscles.

A while back, I’ve been asked by Diana to write a guest post for her blog about the way I pack for trips as an intro for a new section she’ll be opening on her blog and I immediately agreed. Not only because is Diana a dear friend to me, but also because I understood, then and there, that this was my opportunity to try and persuade women from everywhere, as men seem to have naturally developed a deep connection with the travel light concept, to agree with it, before having to get physically involved and ultimately suffer.

Throw away things (from your suitcase) while you still can. Coco Chanel famously said, “When accessorizing always take off the last thing you put on.” I believe the same is applicable to suitcases – when packing, always take out the last outfit you put in.

Now let’s get to the practical things, also known as my personal guide to packing.

travel light with Catalina foto

But before getting to the actual packing, I should mention that my ritual includes a preparatory phase.

It’s a daydreaming episode, which is delightful! It must be performed in a relaxed context. Rushing will spoil it and make it ineffective. I usually do it the night before packing. It helps me figure out the right stuff for the right situations, and also limit the overall amount to be transported.

The daydreaming phase involves an exercise of visualizing every day of my trip to come – one by one – and myself as the central character.

All you need is to be aware of what the scenario of the day is, what are your actions and lines, then pick the outfit, shoes and accessories.

The gadgets get a chapter of their own. This way I make sure I won’t forget any chargers, adaptors or beauty and productivity devices I might need along the way. It’s that simple.

My guide comprises three simple rules:

1. When packing do nothing but packing

It requires a fair amount of being present. Again, it’s for effectiveness. The less thoughts passing through your mind at the moment you’re packing, like emails to answer, last minute things to leave in order before the departure, the shorter the process. I do mine in 1 – 1,5 hours.

2. Do it algorithmically

That is, packing either by things from the same category or by outfits. One by one, I lay out in my suitcase all shoes I’ll need (I try to pick the neutrals that would go with as many outfits as possible), all bags, all clothes; or outfit for day 1, outfit for day 2, etc.

In other words, it’s all done step by step, in an organized manner. Throwing things randomly into suitcases almost guarantees you’ll forget something in the end.

3. Climax of the process and the moment of greatest responsibility is the final review

The final review is a trick I stole years ago from a friend of mine. After having put everything into the suitcase he started touring the house in a quite strange manner. As soon as he noticed the look on my face, he explained to me what was going on. And I’ve been applying his trick ever since. It turned out to be the best way for me to prevent forgetting important things home.

So, the strange touring consists of passing on to each side of your house where you keep things, like the wardrobe, the bookshelves, the bathroom, the kitchen and places alike; stop for a couple of seconds and go through your mind what you needed to take from that place and what you’ve already taken. I promise, it’s simpler than it sounds.

And in order to make this process even faster and more efficient, combine it with rule No 1 – stay present.

Finally, just before walking out the door, I’m wrapping up with checking on the three important things without which I would never leave for a trip: my phone (+ charger), my credit card and my passport.

In the end I want to urge you to not care too much about what I’ve written here, but do what feels right to you when packing your own suitcases.

Packing is a private ritual for a woman and it should reflect her personal style, so it’s even more precious when you know you conceived its sequences yourself. If any of my rules are compatible with your style and way of doing things, they’ll be seamlessly enclosed in your next packing episode, you’ll see. If not, don’t worry.

Enjoy your travels, train your muscles and, most of all, be happy!

P.S. I’ll go pack, too. As I’ll be traveling, beautifully, in a few days again.

Despre Catalina a scris foarte frumos Sabina din Londra si puteti cititi aici

In aceasta fotografie Catalina purta un colier design Mihaela Zvinca si era la finalul unei zi lungi de filmare pentru

Tango Dancer Catalina Rusu wearing a Zvinca necklace


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