My Tel Aviv

Acest text in engleza scris in august 2010 vine din vechiul meu blog. De atunci am mai fost in Tel Aviv in noiembrie 2011. Totul e la fel, nu as schimba nimic din recomandari.

I decided to write in English for my friends who may read this post and cannot fully understand my Romanian. They are not native English speakers, so I kind of ”afford” to make mistakes with my English.

First thing: avoid Tel Aviv in July and August. Its hot and crowded.

I will post below all the things I liked. I wrote down  this list to convince my  friends to visit this place. (reluctant friends who rely their opinions on media only that Tel Aviv would be a dangerous place to visit) The list is in cronological order, so it could be read like a diary of the 3 days holliday:

–  The lazy breakfast @  Gordon Hotel

– Dinner in the first evening at  Manta Ray restaurant (Sharon, my dear, I love this restaurant)

– My first night swim in the sea EVER

– Neve Tzedek cats (the hide & seek playing kitten and the orange „Snoopies” on the wall)

– Ronit Jewelery (mother Ronit and daughter Rotem in the shop)

– Doggies in Sara’s  eyeglasses shop (Chiquita, the white labrador crossbred with Saluki and the black boxer)

– Frozen yoghurt with fresh figs from Anita’s = Thursday dinner

– The show of Barack Marshall’s students in the dance workshop  at Suzanne Delal Center

– Gazriel home store (vintage black car in the window).

– The visit in antic city of Caesarea in a friends’  beautiful house with swimming pool.

As a conclusion about the trip to Israel, it was worth going for meeting friends, for the beach and sea, for the food (fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood, the combination of spices from other cuisines  (thai, maroccan, etc),  for the service in the Gordon hotel and, overall, for the passion and liveliness of Israeli people.

I read in a book called ”The Israelis” by Donna Rosenthal this opinion: ”they live like there is no tomorow”.

Sounds strange but after you live close to them, you finally understand.


Things and places to do and see next time:

– have dinner @ Container restaurant in the old port Jaffa

– go to Tel Aviv new port – the re-design and development of this area into an entertainment destination

– shopping at flea market in Jaffa

– go to a street headphones party in Neve Tzedek

– visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art for the new design building

– snorkel with the dolphins in Eilat

– visit again Jerusalem and stay in Mamilla hotel

– go on the sand dunes of the beach in Mikhmoret

…and many more to discover


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  3. La Jerusalem am fost si chiar trebuie sa povestesc cele 2 ore de vizita impreuna cu Toyn, printesa nigeriana.

  4. marina barabancea

    Tel Aviv is not complete without Yafo, without Tel Aviv Marina or Shouk-Ha-Karmel, without Dizzengof or Ben Yehuda 🙂 As much as Israel is not complete without Jerusalem or Haifa, Eilat or the Dead Sea, Herzlyia Pituakh or Netania, but this will come later, le’at – le’at. Keep on discovering!

    • Marina, multumesc pentru vizita aici.
      Sint de acord cu tine, orice vizitator trebuie sa vada aceste locuri, selectia mea insa e foarte personala. Mie Yafo mi se pare mult prea murdar, la fel si Ha Karmel iar Dizzengoff mult prea comercial.
      E drept ca am uitat sa scriu despre Ha Tachana, un loc care mi-a placut.

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